Saturday, October 04, 2003

Well, for the Giants, there's always next year... I do want to see who ends up playing rightfield for us next year... in a perfect world, his initials would be VG (I know I'm dreaming)... otherwise, might I suggest to the Giants to go sign a legitimate #2 starter. Ponson sucks.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Once again, I'm sitting at the UCH library when I should be studying but instead, I am blogging. Wanna know why I don't like CrimLaw? Because we study issues like: if after finding about his wife's adultery, jealous husband goes out, buys a gun, and pumps a full magazine of 50 bullets into his wife killing her, would you consider that premeditated murder? Or was it done in a fit of rage? Was there a rational thought in this murderer's head as he was pulling the trigger? I know there are usually other circumstances you look at but most of the time, they do not really help all that much. You ask, what's the difference? If it's premeditated, it's first degree murder; punishable in most states by the death penalty or life imprisonment. If it's in rage, it's voluntary manslaughter, usually punishable by anywhere from 6-15 years in prison in most states. What do you think? I thought so.

Monday, September 29, 2003

So, I am sitting here at the UC Hastings library. I should be studying but here I am blogging. Well, my final fantasy baseball update. I won PoB's uber-competitive league and JT's casual league. I came in 3rd place in my work league but it's the one league where people pay to get information daily. Also, it was one of my better managing jobs as I made a couple of key trades to get me into contention: (Kerry Wood for Javy Lopez for the last 7 weeks when Piazza came back and Orlando Cabrera for Jose Hernandez early on in the season for some added steals). Also, there was the move I didn't make: dropping Aramis Ramirez after a horrid first two months. He eventually came around to give me 28HR's and 110RBI's on the year along with a .280 average. Not bad. I did notice this year that all three of my teams severely lacked speed which really killed me in my work league but in the other two leagues, it didn't seem to matter much. I actually can't wait til next year but for now, I'll wear my two league crowns proudly and a consolation 3rd place finish in another uber-competitive league is hardly blemish on my record. Last 2 years in 6 different leagues, I've finished first twice, second twice, and third twice. Not a bad record. I wonder if rotoworld's got open spots for extra writers...