Thursday, August 15, 2002

Ok, so my workplace has a Fantasy Football League going... it's 50 bucks per team in a 12 team league with the top 3 teams in the money. And since I'm a football fan (not as big as I used to be), I've got my own team. Additionally, lumps has 2 leagues that I've joined and I'm in two other leagues which are run by high school friends. So let's see... I'm in 5 leagues. you think I'll be a fantasy football expert by the end of the year? I think so...

It still hurts. Nine months later... it still hurts. Flashes of memory, mere words uttered in the dark, comes back fresh opening a deep wound...
Ok I just filled out the LSAT/LSDAS registration form. 400 bucks. Yup, 400 bucks to take the LSAT, order the number of reports I'll need to apply to different law schools (10), and register for their law school application service which includes a CD with electronic copies of every law school's application for Fall 2004 loaded on. This is it. I'll only do as well as the Lord gives me strength to.... and that is a comforting thought.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Ok, I decided to order one of them BitCharG cars today. yes, I'm a biter like that. They just look like so much fun to drive around so I ordered one from Hobbylink Japan for 30 bucks. Ok, this could be a big waste of money or it could be a real nice stress-reliever. But anyways, can't wait to get it and just drive it around. It's really cool too cuz it's the Special Edition Pennzoil one with racing stickers and everything. Ok, I can be quite geeky in that way. But anyways, looks like fun so we'll see. On the other hand, I do accumulate alot of junk.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

So my building is having a "Tenant Appreciation Party" on Sept. 4th. I think there's free food and some games. One is called the "Rat Race". Apparently each team (20 bucks per team) gets a remote controlled rat which they have to decorate and race. There will be a maze built in the lobby of our building and the first team to the end of the maze wins. I heard that Brobeck, Phleger, & Harrison wins this race every year so I was thinking of putting together a team to challenge 'em. It'd be pretty fun. On the other hand, perhaps I'm too busy to do it...hrm.
Ok just finished reading Millbrae's blog and boy am I glad I didn't go to that party... not because I hate homosexual/lesbian people (I've actually found the few that I know to be pretty nice and considerate people) but because frankly, I know I would not enjoy being at such a party. To see that kind of sin all around me would be almost too much to bear. I'd rather do 100 logic games any day of the week!

Monday, August 12, 2002

This past weekend I got to check out Jupiter's, this Berkeley bar that has live music, with a whole bunch of Lumps folks. A pretty fun time had by all... personally, I had a glass of their Pinot Grigio which wasn't that bad. It was recommended by LH and she was right; it was pretty good. other than that, the past weekend was all about studying...lots of it....the LSAT is definitely something you want to do while unemployed. There's just way too much studying involved. I definitely do not have a natural gift of intelligence. Tonight I studied for 2.25 hours, completed a whole bunch of logic games (all relatively slow) and right now my brain is mush.

Sunday, August 11, 2002

You know, my post two blogs ago talked about grace in the human sense. But I was just thinking perhaps, I meant a word that is something more along the lines of "polish". Grace is something else ... and doesn't quite fit with what I was describing...