Friday, April 18, 2003

Ok, I know I haven't blogged in 2 weeks... but there's a reason: I'm swamped. So yesterday was like my typical day:
-Wake up 7:15 AM
-Get Mom credit bureau contact info 7:25AM
-Get to work 8:30AM
-Field Phone Call from Mom asking why we need credit checks on potential tenants, arguing that it should be ok, it would save money. I argue with her and convince her to talk to my Aunt Rebecca whom she respects. 10:30AM
-Call Mom and find out Aunt Rebecca also recommended credit checks and they are doing one 12:30PM
-Call Mom and find out the potential tenants whom I insisted to have credit checks have really bad credit (bankruptcy, many delinquent accounts)...
-Get off work 5:30 PM
-Get on bus: Bus delay caused by some punk kids causing a fight. Get off at West Portal Bus Station. 6:00PM
-While walking home, decide to just get dinner at Round Table: 6:15PM
-Get Home: 7:10PM
-Go to Good Thursday Service: 7:30PM
-After service go back home to get CL's stuff which I left at home accidentally: 8:45PM
-Go to my Aunt Rebecca's home to pick up the credit reports 9:10PM
-Go to San Tung Restaurant where I'm supposed to meet Enoch 9:30 PM, saw Enoch go in, went in but Enoch not there...dunno what happened
-Go to Tart to Tart to sit and wait for my 11:00 appointment 10:00PM
-Met with tenant to get keys of the rental property from him and to terminate his lease. 11:00PM
-Went home and showered 11:30PM
-Shot emails out to my small group to see if they want to meet for dinner and a movie tonight 12:30AM
-Went to Bed 1:00AM

Things on my mind: 1) Cafe/Concert Night for Lumps on May 1st, 2) Two vacant rental properties my Mom and I are trying to fill, 3) LUMPS vision, 4) Winter Retreat wrap-up, 5) Law School

"So I tell you, don't worry about everyday life - whether you have enough food, drink, and clothes." Matthew 6:25

This is the one scripture I normally follow but with a high strung Mom like my Mom, it is very hard to do. Today, my Mom whined and yelled at me because she is worried about the lack of income from rental properties. I keep telling her not to worry and to be patient. But she has no patience and it grates on me and tires me both mentally and physically.