Friday, September 27, 2002

8 days to the LSAT!!!! AiYah!!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2002

I was very tempted today to buy tickets to the Giants playoff series. I was on the net at 10 AM clicking on the Giants website and I actually got through and had the chance to buy 4 View Box seats for the game which would have cost me in the neighborhood of $180... I thought long and hard... and decided not to buy them. As much as I wanted to... I'm afraid I really need to be a better steward...

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Pray for the families of the victims.

Death in Pakistan

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Yeah! So last night, I apologize if I was chatting with you on AIM and suddenly I couldn't chat with you anymore. My bro AP and I wanted to try and set up shared directories between my laptop and my desktop since currently he is using my laptop on the wireless network and my printer is connected to my desktop, we wanted to get him the ability to print by either sharing a directory in which he could transfer files or just sharing the printer. Suffice it to say, we failed miserably. In fact, instead of going one step forward, we went ten steps back. I lost complete internet access...there wasn't any life in my internet connection...I couldn't even ping the IP address connection whatsoever. So last night I worked feverishly to fix my desktop and finally at 1 AM last night after removing all of Microsoft's Network components and then reinstalling them in addition to a couple of other things, I got my connection back. However, my AIM still isn't working and I have no idea why. I'll work on it after the LSAT so if you want to chat with me, you'll have to do it the old fashioned way... call me.

Monday, September 23, 2002

God has blessed me with many good friends and it was pretty evident last Friday (Sep 20th, my birthday) as I received many different well-wishes which were unexpected. Typically, my birthdays are pretty bad. Last year, I had to cancel my own birthday dinner at the last minute because my Dad checked into the ER at UCSF that evening. The year before that I had to cancel because of an unexpected business trip and the years prior to that during college...let's just say that I never celebrated my birthday. So as usual, I looked upon my birthday with dread again this year knowing that if the pattern would hold true, I would have another bad birthday. But, I have to say God smiled upon me this year as my birhtday was pretty good. Granted, I spent the whole day closing escrow on our new home by going from one bank to another bank to another bank picking up checks and then proceeding to the title insurance company to finalize everything. Anyone who has ever bought/sold a home can relate to having to sign 50+ documents to close out the process. And I got a parking ticket to boot. But during the day, I got various cute e-Cards (thanks KH, EY!), actual cards (thanks DS, JL!), and phone calls from near and afar (thanks KL, AO!). Additionally, at night, I had dinner at LuLu restaurant with a bunch of friends (mostly non-believers) which included GC and MI (a cute couple and great friends), RH (my childhood friend of 20 years...), PL (a UCLA friend who drove all the way up from San Jose just for dinner), CW and B (another couple, I know CW pretty well), AP (my current roomate of one week and bro in Christ), and AL (my friend of 9 years who, I must say, looked just stunning Friday evening). We got there around 8'ish and we didn't leave LuLu until 11:30ish. Afterwords we hung out at the XYZ bar at the W Hotel which was an interesting experience. As my friend GC put it, "There are a whole lot of posers in here." I happened to agree but still it was great to hang out and chat with many of my long-time friends.