Tuesday, June 17, 2003

For all you anime fans out there (and there are alot of you!), I just ordered Macross Zero, Episode 2 today...

it should be here in a week.
One of the things about being very much involved in your church/fellowship is that it sucks so much time and energy out of you that you don't have time to really develop maintain relationships/friendships with people outside of it. It's all for His glory and His kingdom. But I can't help but think that there should be room for ministry in terms of both serving brothers & sisters in Christ, and also, evangelizing and being a good witness to non-believers who are both friends and God's children (perhaps lost, but they are still God's children). It just would be nice to have time and energy to really also be active in my non-believer friends' lives and in my non-Lumps bro's and sisters' lives. But alas, I just don't have that much time. I shouldn't complain. In general, I've been pretty blessed as people choose to maintain their friendships with me when I am busy. This past Friday, MR gave me a call to see if I wanted to head to Yosemite with him... and also to have dinner with him and his girlfriend sometime even though I know they both struggle in their relationship. TL calls to have lunch frequently (and at some point, I promised to play golf with her and her husband, who by the way, is a great guy and a bro-in-Christ). MJ and CL both send frequent emails from LA to let me know how things are going in their lives. KL calls to pray over things that trouble his heart and to pray for me personally. RH and JT call me on Saturdays to play ball even though they know I can't really play particularly well with one good leg (although i'm getting better each day!)... AL calls to take long walks around Lake Merced now and then... you're probably wondering, jeez... why are you complaining? Guess, cuz I'm human and I want more friendship than I can actually have....

Monday, June 16, 2003

Ok, I joined Friendster (kinda by accident)....

what have I gotten myself into? Oy vey....
The problem with trying to understand people is that in order to know where they are coming from, alot of times you have to be there with them, to hear words said, to feel where the heart comes from, to just know. Unfortunately, I wasn't gifted at really understanding where people come from... I can really fumble at it, if I only see with my eyes and not with my ears, my mind, and my heart...

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Some seriously mad lyrics from some gifted brothers...

Props to God, AP, KL, and DY for keeping it real and letting me know about these bros..

What Do You See
By: Cross Movement

Hear the clink of the nails as they pierce His hands
And the...lash as they slash this man
Crash this man, hit and harass this man
Bash, stick and inflict mad gashes and
Mentally put yourself at the place and time
Use your faith as a way to trace the crime
Let your mind take you back laps and laps
Back track till your mind sees back to back
All the things that happened to a silent Lamb
All in chains they trapped Him like a violent man
Like He forwarded a violent plan, but it was prophecy
That said God would be treated like unwanted property
You've got to see the ill way that they flogged him
Blood leaked, it was deep how they mobbed him
Think thorns worn as a crown
Here the Jews say "Crucify Him pass it down"
Hear the squeals as the steel comes crashin' down
Can't get pass the sound, teeth are gnashing now
Veins snap, fell that, He's hot flashin' now
Draped in blood, covered in a cap and gown
So many cracks from the strap that it numbed the back
Crucifixioun makes your lungs collapse
Watch His chest -- see Him gasp for breath
Hear Him... and... til there's no gasp left

What do you see when you close your eyes
What will you see when your life goes by
Think hard visuallize the ill mob
Either you'll feel God or your heart's real hard...

Fast forward...

No time to blink, but just continue to think of Scripture
Let it convict ya, focus, get in to picture
Watch it blow your square off the rector
As it teaches you of the real Victor
Who prevails, you hear the crucifixion details
Now ask yourself why's your life still derailed
And why we fail to live for the One we nailed.
This same Jesus, you know the One we Hail
With our lips but not with our lives
Time to see with the heart and not with our eyes
See the Son, the One, who was hung like a poster
Was burned, but popped uplike a toaster
Got all the host of heaven makin' a toast to
The King of kings who brings God and men closer

If you guys are into listening to rap, writing poetry, or writing psalms,
these guys will help provide some inspiration (www.humanemergency.com)...
And just close your eyes and imagine what Christ went through...