Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Warriors have acquired my boy Baron Davis! Woohoo! I used to watch BD ball at UCLA and he was THE MAN! I'm going to go to a couple games now to watch BD play... (I would much rather have 30 games of a healthy BD than 80 games of a healthy Speedy Claxton, who always got hurt anyways)
March is around the corner which means... baseball season is almost here! I don't know why I love baseball so much but there's something to the look and smell of grass... the "crack!" of baseball on a wooden bat... the peanuts guy going "Peanuts here!" ... the buzz of fans walking into the stadium... the pounding of a baseball into the catcher's mitt... the umpire calling strike three ... and the "ROAR!" of 40,000 fans as baseball leaves the yard for a home run... man, baseball is great!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

God's Grace

This weekend my gf's community group at SCBC is going to be serving food to the homeless at Glide Memorial Church, a Methodist church here in SF. Glide is famous for its acts of mercy. The thing is as a Methodist church, Glide's beliefs do not totally coincide my beliefs (particularly pertaining to homosexuality/gays/lesbians, etc). A friend of mine, the current leader of the Christian fellowship at my law school, expressed concern that participation in serving meals at Glide would be tantamount to a tacit approval of Glide's orthodoxy. However, somehow, I don't think Jesus would let that fact stop him from feeding the homeless and I think that by not going, we would implicitly be saying that God's grace is not sufficient for all sins. Anyhow, just some random thoughts of mine... after all, I'm definitely no theological scholar...
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You are Ephesians.

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

There are times where someone comes up to me seeking advice on some pressing matter. Sometimes, it has to do with money. Sometimes, it has to do with family. Sometimes, it has to do with love. Sometimes, it has to do with death. Sometimes, it has to do with relationships. Sometimes, I just wish I could duck these questions.... or punt on them because of my lack of experience and my youth... but I can't... because sometimes, people have no other person to go or no other person whom they feel comfortable talking to... and the burden feels so heavy.