Friday, January 31, 2003

I'm sure you've been noticing that I haven't been blogging too much lately. It's mostly because I've been very busy at both work and home. Things that are on my mind lately:
Lumps stuff:
-SL's going away gift(s)
-Coordinating her send-off at the airport (too many people to email!)... I should have let SP or JY handle it...
-Lumps Digital Scavenger Hunt (yay! Went off without a hitch... well, without major hitches)
-Winter Retreat Logistics
-Lumps in general
-My Small Group: AO, TC, J, EY, VY, AT, VG, RW, JL, SL, & R
Home stuff:
-Chinese New Year's (Red Envelopes!!)
-Moving in 2 weeks
-Need to do more rehab, need to work out more
-I'm sick, I need more sleep
Law School Stuff:
-18 schools applied to in total. Feel like I should apply to more. Seems like a really tough year for applying to law school
Vacation Stuff:
-New York - end of March

Monday, January 27, 2003

Oh and yes, I got a picture of him =)
Ok, didn't get laid off, just informed that I'll have more workload over the next six months. Well, I had a great weekend as I did just a ton of stuff. Poor poor Millbrae. I went over to my uncle A's home where he was hosting a super bowl party with Pastor B, his daughter and Lumps Small Group Leader, SW (who is a really knowledgeable sis-in-Christ), TY & KC (The Millbraes), and a bunch of other people from Cumberland Peninsula Church. SW & TY both entered their work's office pool so they were rooting for their numbers. TY's was 1-1. With 25 seconds to go, the score of the Super Bowl was 41-21, which would have netted TY 175 bux (not bad). But alas with 8 seconds left, Gannon the Raider QB throws an interception which is returned for a touchdown for a final score of 48-21. No money for TY. Poor Millbrae. But his yell of excruciating misery and the corresponding yell of "TACKLE HIM!!" was priceless =).