Monday, April 21, 2003

Hrmmm... I think I should really start going hardcore in terms of working out and stuff...
Ok, the concert night's starting to look pretty great. God's been providing as he always does when I'm stressed. If you're free May 1st in the evening and want to enjoy a great night of music, come on out to Sunset Chinese Baptist Church at 43rd and Lawton. We've got a great band coming in and some really musically gifted people playing that evening.

I was baptized yesterday. How wonderful it is to be a child of God! Lots of my family came out. Some friends came out. DS prayed for me. I am truly blessed.

So, this past Saturday, I went to my friend TL's wedding. TL and I have been buds for 4 years now (I was her "appointed" buddy at Deloitte). However, I first knew her at UCLA when I was first introduced to her by SY, who was coincedentally one of her bridesmaids this weekend. It seems like just yesterday that TL, SY, my old roommate CL, and I were just chilling at the Rose Bowl during a UCLA football game. Anyways, TL is a really sweet girl and I am really happy for her. T, her groom, is a really great guy and he matches her personality very well. Both are extremely mature and are good people.