Wednesday, February 26, 2003

and I've got a flight tomorrow at 9 AM to Chicago...
And to top it off, it's 4:58 pm and I just found out they want me to stay all night here at work.... at least until midnight.
Here's the start of this day. I get in and instantly find out that the "urgent" work that I did for four hour yesterday was completely unnecessary and that now they want me to reverse everything that I did yesterday so that it would be back where it was the day before... these demands come from a different department and I have lots of other work that I also need to do... how lame...

Anyways, yes, after multiple trips to Radio Shack and my new home, I got my DSL working yesterday. Tonight, I'm going to pack, watch the West Wing, and try to build my futon which has been sitting on my floor in pieces for 6 days now.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I get my DSL back today!!

Monday, February 24, 2003

The Winter Retreat went off without a hitch, except for the fact that I got sick with stomach issues. All of last week, I spent organizing for the retreat. Ride assignments, cabin assignments, agenda, logistics (food & toiletries), last minute cancellations and registrations. Thanks to TC, EC, JL, and AO for helping out with logistics and planning. It was fairly stressful. By Friday, I was feeling pretty worn down so it was nice not having to worry about driving up as OT and AL gave JL and I a ride up to Tahoe from downtown. I must say that OT and AL are such the perfect couple together. Riding in their car was pretty fun. Unfortunately, on Friday night, didn't get any sleep as I just had the runs all night and I ran up a fever. It was the whole nine yards... diarrhea, stomach pains, gas, nausea, just feeling really crappy altogether. It was so bad that on Saturday, people could see that I was suffering so I pretty much stayed home all day resting. Listened to Lumps alum GL give a message on prayer. GL was a little scatterbrained at times but overall, I thought he made some good points about prayer. Sunday, had a morning prayer meeting, then rode home with EC SW and CL. Got home, rested a little, and then headed off to church. Today, I'm still not feeling well, battling another day of the stomach runs. Work is getting more stressful with so many deadlines and things