Thursday, August 07, 2003

Ok, so I've started to read people's blogs again... dunno why I changed my mind (partly because Dan Shinn keeps up to date with good deals, coupons and stuff)... since PoB has a post on fantasy baseball. I too want to post about fantasy baseball. I've been playing 10 years now and I still love it... I'm not as hardcore as I used to be (waking up 7am to read rotoworld and checking every hour) but I still enjoy it. I am in 3 leagues, all uber-competitive, all in 2nd place. (on one team, I have Soriano, Delgado, AND Preston Wilson... and Prior, Loiaza, Halladay, and Wood... that's like 8 players in the top 25... the scoring in that league is weird, which is why I'm in 2nd place) Dunno, can't seem to get in first place. However, I think I learned alot more this year than in previous years about drafting a good team...
I went to RC's bday dinner with his non-believer friends on Friday night. They were good people. Reminded me alot of my bday dinner last year. I had all my non-believer friends and AP, the one bro who could make it. Anyways, conversation was good. It's interesting to see that conversations outside of lumps resemble conversations inside of lumps.
I just paid $1000 to have my car fixed. Ouch. Gotta make sure everything's working well before law school... would hate for my car to fail me the day of my final exam or something... knock on wood... i know i know, it could still break down come December.