Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I have returned.

My first blogpost in almost 2 years. There's a certain sense of familiarity, but at the same time, some hesitation. Not only have I not been posting on my blog the last two years, but I also have not been reading other people's blogs.


Well, mostly, it's because I spent most of 2007 working in incredibly taxing jobs. Long hours, sleepless nights; and stressful weekends.

The other reason is frankly, I'd rather spend the time with J, than blogging.

Why start again now?

Well, I think it's time for me to start writing again. Writing, for me, has always been a sort of release point for me (the other release for me has traditionally been playing video games, and since I've started to become bored at playing video games... writing is what's left). Now, I've got a new job which allows me more time to do interesting things.... like blogging.

What am I going to blog about?

I have no idea...