Friday, March 14, 2003

Now it's time to think about tomorrow Lumps Vision Meeting.
Ok, onto something even less edifying. I recently read a blogger's take on how shallow both Christian men and women are in terms of being picky about their spouse. And you know what, he's absolutely right. Partially, because of the society which we live in, we are taught from a young age to value physical beauty... which leads to both men and women desiring more than just holiness in a partner. We all desire physical attraction, a similar life vision, chemistry, and holiness wrapped up into one package for our life partner. It's an unfortunate fact of life that both women and men have such high standards. It leads to alot of bitterness towards the opposite sex for having "such high standards" and alot of just self-pitying people who feel as if they are just "settling" when they marry or date "below their standards." Of course, I think this leads to alot of unhappy marriages that end in divorce but anyhow, I'm digressing.... upon recognizing this sad fact, I think there are two ways to approach this problem. First, we could all lower our standards... which probably would be the easiest way... or we could reach to improve ourselves *gasp*. Study His word more, pray more, build our relationship with God, work out more at 24 Hour Fitness, be sure to have proper grooming each day, read more, make an effort... overall, cultivate the desire to improve... There's an old song that was sung by the pop-group All-4-One, entitled "I want to be a better man" which pretty much sums up my attitude on all of this... to me, we should all want to be a better man for our future wife. So, who wants to come with me to 24 Hour tomorrow night to work out? Who wants to come pray afterwards? Any takers?

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Ok, onto something a little less edifying... fantasy baseball. Well, I'm finally officially in POB's private baseball league. It will be my first draft this season and I'm looking forward to it. The draft order's set and in my opinion, I have the worst draft position because to me, the 9th position has the greatest potential to mess-up your draft. We'll see. Since I take pride in fantasy baseball, I'm going to bring it in this league.
I visited Grandpa Peng this morning in the ICU. He looks good despite being in a ton of pain. Thanks for all the prayers but please keep praying for his comfort.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Many thanks to everyone who prayed for Grandpa yesterday. The surgery was a success and he is now in stable condition at Kaiser's ICU. His vital signs are good so the outlook is certainly quite good. Thank you again.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Yesterday, I visited Grandpa Peng, the most holy man I have ever known. Grandpa Peng is not my grandfather. He is the father of my uncle's wife. What does that make us? Absolutely nothing except brothers in Christ. I first met Grandpa Peng in 1997 when my uncle introduced me to his then fiancee's family at their home in Diamondbar, CA. They had prepared food for a barbecue and they welcomed me to their home as a member of the family. It was then that Grandpa Peng and I first met. He introduced himself as Angela's (my uncle's wife) Dad and asked me to just call him "Grandpa Peng" and that's what I've always known him as. Truth be told. I don't even know what his first name is. All I know is that he loves me just as he loves all of God's children. Grandpa Peng is a retired Reverend, an awesome Grandfather, and a fierce prayer warrior. All I can say is that once I was studying really late at their home in Diamondbar (the Pengs even let me stay over frequently when I was at UCLA), I could hear Grandpa's prayers, praise, and cries for the Lord's mercy even though I was a hundred feet away and even though the door to Grandpa's room was closed. Grandpa Peng is having triple bypass surgery tomorrow morning at 7 AM. It's going to be a very dangerous surgery. Three of his vessels have over 90% blockage, the other three have over 70% blockage. Grandpa is 78 years old and even, yesterday, he seemed to be very alert and energetic. Grandpa prayed for me yesterday. He prayed for my walk, for the Lord's usage of me in the coming years, for my family, and for my little sister's salvation. Grandpa was not worried. Rather, he was at peace with whatever God's will is. As I left, I told Grandpa that if I didn't see him next down here, then I'll see him up there; to which, Grandpa Peng smiled and replied, "At the feet of Jesus."

If you have time, could you all pray for Grandpa Peng? Pray that, if it is the Lord's will, that Grandpa would live. And pray for comfort of Grandpa Peng's family if the Lord promotes him to be in His presence. Thank you.