Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I got my first bad grade in law school today. It sucks. I suppose my run of good grades had to end someday. I still feel bad though. Ah well. It's only a grade.
Lawyers screw up too

Yesterday, I did a write-up for a motion that was already done by someone else. I screwed up. Additional work done. No punishment for me.

Today, an attorney admitted messing up in court and lost a big case for his client. Attorney malpractice suit coming.

See, attorneys definitely mess up too so if you ever need an attorney, be sure to find a good one...

Monday, June 14, 2004

So, this weekend, a bunch of us went up to the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa. If you haven't gone, I highly recommend going. It's a cool place to hang out for the day. Of course, they have tons of Peanuts exhibits and tributes to the late Charles M. Schulz, creator and artist of the Peanuts strip. I guess what's most true about Charlie Brown and why he hits home with so many people is that all of us have failed at something, whether it's in love, in school, in occupation, in perfection; we've all failed at something, and so in a way, we have all been a lot like Charlie Brown in our lives. I remember one strip in particular where Charlie Brown writes a love letter to the famed Little Red-Haired Girl. He sends his little sister Sally to give the letter to the Little Red-Haired girl while he stands behind a tree just a short distance away. I think a ton of guys can totally relate to that. The anxiety and real fear of not knowing whether our "Little Red-Haired girl" will say "yes" or "no" makes us want to just hide behind a tree. Fortunately, most of us manage to conquer that fear to express how we feel. As for Charlie Brown? He suffers the most cruel rejection: After giving the love letter to the Little Red Haired Girl, Sally yells out to her brother, "She says she doesn't remember you!" Ouch. I'm sure plenty of guys have felt that sting of rejection too...