Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Ok, for all you fantasy baseball fans, I just wanted to quickly get a survey of what you think of my team. 12-team, 5 x 5 league, very competitive (this league is 6 years old):

Starting Pitchers: Beckett, Santana, Morris, Pineiro, Contreras
Relief: Dotel, Isringhausen, Riske ( I know I know, normally I go weak on the bullpen but I couldn't resist Dotel in the 6th Round, too good to pass up)
Infield: 1B- Durazo, 2B- Soriano, SS- Matsui (Reyes bench), 3B- Blalock, C- Phillips
Outfield: M. Ordonez, Abreu, Kearns (Bradley, Baldelli, Drew, Burrell bench)

12 team league... not bad. solid everywhere. For a 12 team league, my starting staff is pretty good. I think I might be a little weak in the power department, but let's see how my bench turns out, I could have a lot of great trade bait.