Tuesday, July 02, 2002

My good friend and bro KL's back in town! I'm so excited! yay!

Monday, July 01, 2002

Ok I have to admit clubbing is really fun... went to Blondie's, this bar/club in the Mission District which plays a mix of 80's, 90's, Hip Hop and R&B so they played some really old school stuff from my middle school and high school years. It's so weird to think of things you used to listen to back in middle school as "Old School". I used to think Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash were Old School but now I realize stuff like MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, and all that rap stuff from middle school is like the new "Old School." Man, I'm just plain getting old.

Saturday morning was a great time of just bonding with some Christian brothers as we studied 3 John. We talked about the Men's Ministry, loving our fellow brothers, accountability, and spiritual discipline. I can't wait til the next meeting. Also, we set up so that each of us has to meet up with a specific brother at least once over the next month between now and the next men's ministry so I'm gonna meet DS this month for lunch. DS and I have a lot in common even though it wouldn't look like it at glance. You see, I'm a closet Star Wars fan as well as general sci-fi/fantasy buff. My inner circle of friends all know this about me. I used to read so many sci-fi/fantasy novels...Dragonlance, Star Wars, Battletech, Forgotten Realms...you name it, I read it... just a nerd like that, before that, I read all of Tom Clancy's novels. DS is a huge Star Wars fan...he collects the toys...additionally, I know we're both Gundam Wing fans and anime fans in general so we should have tons to talk about. Ok granted, we really ought to be talking about spiritual disciplines or more serious topics but still, I think it'll be fun and interesting.