Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Just found out today that I knew the guy who died at Bay To Breakers. His name is Nicholas Ng (Nick Ng). I didn't connect it at first because I just knew him as Nick Ng. I guess I'm stupid like that. I worked with Nick on a business plan last year that we turned into the UCLA Anderson School. He was an MBA student there. Nick was a really nice guy. He picked me up from LAX, let me nap on his couch, and hang out at his place in West LA. The last time I talked to him, I promised him that I'd give him a call the next time I was in LA. I have not been back since. One heart defect and he's gone. My AIM Messenger still shows "NickNgMBA" as online but mobile. It's sad how a computer can outlast its owner. May God bless his soul. He was a nice guy.
Commitment. Commitment requires courage, boldness, perseverence, and strength. Do I have all these characteristics? No... but God surely does.