Thursday, March 04, 2004

Interviewing craziness

So I got a phone call today and was given another interview tomorrow in Sacramento with a Federal District Judge. In terms of longterm prestige, externing with a Federal District Judge is about as good as it gets (the only ones that would be better are to extern for a 9th Circuit Appellate judge or a California Supreme Court judge... there are maybe 6 or 7 extern spots in total there at most; all of which are surely taken by now)... a California Appellate Court, however, would probably have more interesting work, despite not having the longterm prestige of a Federal District Court.... so the question is: more interesting work, or more prestige? (Note: If I want to be a judge one day outside of California, the District Court's probably the way to go, heck if I want any recognition outside California, the District Court's the way to go...)... *aiyah* decisions, decisions, decisions... oh wait, I don't even have a job offer yet...
For Jane Austen fans out there who happen to want to go to law school or are attending law school right now, check this out.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I find myself....ahead in two classes... what to do with myself???????

In other news, I got the job offer from the Federal Bankruptcy Judge today. I asked for one week to think it over and I've been pondering, if I get the Bankruptcy job, the Attorney General's job, and the CA Appellate job, which do I take????

I think I'd take the CA Appellate... so let's hope I get it! It is nice to have a choice though...

Monday, March 01, 2004

Prayer request: Starting a bible study this Saturday... pray for His guidance and providence for me as I prepare for it...
Alright, have another interview on Friday with a California Court of Appeals Judge in Sacramento... wish me luck!
A Conversation I had at Lunch:

1L #1: Man, this case is hard.
Me: How much reading do we have to do for Contracts for tomorrow?
1L #2: 25 pages.
Me: You know, I was talking to a couple people from Section X and they were like, "Man we have a ton of reading for Contracts tomorrow, 15 pages."
1L #1, 2, and 3 altogether: HAHAHAHA...
1L #3: Yeah, we have all the crappy professors this semester... we're the s@!t section according to my TA.
Me: Professor Contracts can't keep this up. At the rate we are going, we'll be done with the book by April 1st.
1L #1: It's like they're trying to kill us this semester.

So yeah, the work is definitely piling on... note: the fastest I can read is 10 pages per hour and the 25 pages is just for one of THREE classes I have tomorrow....

Future 1L's, consider yourselves on notice....