Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I was curious to investigate further who the nominees are so here they are.... I might investigate a few of them just to see what their qualifications are and why they are being filibustered... if I have time..
From the PBS News Hour, a Democrat Senator criticizes the judges that President Bush has nominated. If what he says is true and not taken out of context, it's a little scary...

"SEN. CHARLES SCHUMER: Yeah. The bottom line is the judges we have blocked want to turn the clock back. They don't want to be narrow interpretation of the law. Their view of narrow interpretation of the law is to turn the clock back to the 1890s.

One of the judges that they nominated said, "God's gift to white people was slavery." A judge they nominated said the purpose of a man is to be subjugated to a woman. A judge we blocked, we blocked those two. A judge they nominated said there should be no zoning laws. If someone wanted to build a factory right next to your home, that's a taking of property. And a final one said there should be no labor laws, no minimum wage, no wages and hours, no worker protection laws, because those were all takings, unconstitutional takings.

The people we have blocked are extremists, and if they were to go forward, the America we know, the changes we have made to making America a more fair and humane place, would be gone; and we'd go back to the 1890s where those who had the power got their way completely. They can't do it in the Congress. They can't even do it when they elect a president. So they're trying in the courts. It's our job to block them. "

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

We are having a Lumps downtown lunch on Monday, the 28th at Bistro Burger in Downtown SF. Let me know if you care to join!