Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I can't believe this verdict:
Scrushy gets off. This proves the fallacy of trying a man in a forum where he is famous for his philanthropy.

More background on this man: USA Today Article

I cannot look into Richard Scrushy's heart but as a believer, I hope his faith is true because if it is not, I sincerely doubt God would stand for it. Also if it is not, people who take advantage of our religion really give Christians (and God) a bad name.

Lastly, if I was the SEC attorney on this case (which I'm not) (by the way, just cuz he gets off on the criminal charges doesn't mean that we can't go after him on civil charges, which has a signficantly lower burden of proof), I would have no problem going after him to the full extent that I could.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Welp, my grade in Con Law has confirmed what I already know: I really like Con Law. It's too bad my other grades aren't so solid. If they were, I might have had a shot at a clerkship somewhere.
China and Energy

I don't know how many of you know about CNOOC's bid to takeover Unocal, but it certainly signals a disturbing fact: The United States will be competing with China for oil and energy. Right now, the US really has two choices: work together with China and try to forge some sort of relationship where both countries come out a little disappointed with their energy supplies, or take a hostile stance and compete with China for oil fields/energy sources, which could lead to war (one day) (comparisons to Japan in the 1930's abound)... I dunno about you but that's a scary thought... energy/oil is the one commodity that drives the world's economy. The environment will be the first casualty to that sad fact. I just hope there aren't any other casualties as well.