Friday, October 17, 2003

Ok, made some changes to my blog, comments and a new style have been added for your reading pleasure...
The problem with having a great buddy who is a wiz at civ pro is that I get fun hypotheticals at dinner time.... what if the defendant, a CA resident, donates money to a Florida (FL) charity. In appreciation of the gift, the FL charity gives the defendant a one foot by one foot piece of land in FL. The Plaintiff, in an action for a tort that occurred in NY, brings suit for a tort occurring in NY in a FL state court based upon quasi in rem jurisdiction. Can the FL state court exercise personal jurisdiction over the defendant? Make an argument both ways.

I know ... I know... my buddy is just helping me sort through all my civ pro muck...
I've never published this before but I hope you all would be encouraged by this little poem...

By: Me

Because of the sacrifice you made
I have chosen the path that you laid
Rocky dirty barren filled with frost
Confusion rules now for I am lost.

The road is hard, dark, cold, uncaring
And I have no compass, no bearing
My eyes cannot see without your light
Darkness falls and the earth becomes night

My king deserves only a winner
Instead he sent me, a weak sinner
Where is heaven’s sky, ever so blue?
Where is my Lord and king, ever so true?

He has forgotten this small servant
A poor lost soul surely gone errant
But no, I have not forsaken Him
Where is my hope when all is so dim?

Have no worry for I am right here
I am the Lord and I have no peer
At my Name’s sound, the earth shall tremble
Nations will fall; cities will crumble

Peace be with you, I am at your side
To light your path as your loving guide
Cry out to me, cry out with your fears
Because I will wipe away your tears

My loving and faithful child, come home
To my kingdom, far greater than Rome
My resolve and strength are unbending
My love for you, never ending.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Well, update: I'm going to the semi-formal. She said yes. Now all I have to do is buy tickets... wouldn't it be a shame if they sold out?
I have a whole new respect for Reggie White, the man... not the football player.... Reggie White, former dominant defensive end is also a brother in Christ, a man with great faith. When they asked him why he publicly opposed homosexuality, he responded, "because I am intolerant of sin. In other peoples' lives and my own." I can only hope to have such conviction. When reporters came and asked him how he felt about the football loss, he responded, "One thing I do know, Jesus is still Lord." Click. The reporters ran away. You mention His name and people run. That is how strong Satan's hold is but have faith and be bold, God's love is stronger.