Wednesday, July 21, 2004

True flower power experience.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sleepy days
Sleepy ways
Only time
For this rhyme
Days of joy
For this boy
Working hard
For a card
Seeking praise
Sleepy daze.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Went to Great America this past weekend with sswang, his gf (jt), jt's friend jc, echangster, miscmusings, echangster's roomate S and his gf, A. It was a fun time but man, were we beat afterwards. And the funny thing is, we didn't even last 6 hours at Great America. We rode maybe 5 rides and we had enough. When I was younger, i could stay at Great America until closing time. I just enjoyed having fun there. But now, I just don't have the same energy...
after that, on Saturday night, we had a Halo tourney whichw as a lot of fun but also very draining and tiring.
I think my lack of energy comes from from being older. But who knows? Maybe I am getting way out of shape while being in a relationship (as dshih suggests). It hasn't hurt my Halo game though... (haha, I know, I know, Halo's all about pushing little buttons, not much exercise there!)... anyhow, Also went to a pool party in honor of tengboy. Food was great. Basketball was fun. Thanks to bing mui and duke girl for organizing.... played volleyball with dshih, ckam, bing mui, LIB, and duke girl afterwards, which was so much fun. I've only played beach volleyball 3 times in my life but each time has been very memorable...
Anyhow, now I'm feeling the soreness from playing bball and volleyball yesterday; yup, I'm definitely getting old...