Saturday, October 01, 2005


Since I am a closet sci-fi fan, I decided to watch the movie called "Serenity" tonight. "Serenity" continues the story of a cancelled FOX TV series called "Firefly", which was about the crew of a spaceship (or perhaps more accurately called a spaceboat) flying about the galaxy in search of jobs, work, and food. Sounds alot like real life huh? Anyways, I remember the TV series as witty, funny, and a bit edgy. I also remember that it didn't last a full season (all of 11 episodes) but I did like it. So, I convinced J to come watch it with me and like any good significant other, she took it with a smile even though I knew I was basically dragging her along. At the end of the movie, J told me she really liked it and I actually came away thinking it was very good but somehow, I felt a bit more disturbed by it. Part of it is because there are two sets of bad guys in this movie and I'm not sure which one is more frightening... both are pretty scary on different levels... anyways, check the movie out, if J, a girl who only likes romantic comedies generally, can like it, so can you!