Monday, April 17, 2006

Busy Busy Busy Bee I Am!

Final exams are right around the corner. The Bar Exam is on deck. The Wedding is getting his helmet and bat. Too much to do!

In the meantime, on Saturday, J and I chose photos to be put in our little wedding album. We also chose the photo that will be displayed prominently before our banquet, a shot of J and I in the Japanese Tea Garden. I liked the photo; J, not so much. But J, being the loving fiancee that she is, decided to go with the photo I liked instead of the photo she preferred.

Afterwards, I met up with MiscMusings to study and together with J, we all went to Moki Sushi, a small sushi restaurant in the middle of a quaint Bernal Heights neighborhood for dinner and followed that up with a showing of "Inside Man", a bank heist movie featuring Clive Owen, Denzel Washington, and Jodie Foster. The sushi was really really really good. The Mochi ice cream we had afterwards at the restaurant was incredible. The movie was pretty good in my opinion. All in all, a great time.