Friday, September 06, 2002

$230,000 and no cupholder?!?!?!?!?! What's up with that?

Bond's New Ride
Happy Friday!! Eeek... I'm going to be studying alot this weekend with my sis-in-Christ LH this weekend....

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

This morning has been filled with calls, coffee breaks, and soon-to-be lunches with former Deloitte & Touche colleagues of mine. First, my little sister Phoebe went into the D&T office today for a office visit/exit interview. She did a summer project group internship (which is different from a normal internship in that a normal one pays much better and the normal one requires actual work) this summer for D&T which was basically about meeting once a month to prepare a presentation on different business aspects. She was paid a small stipend and dinner was provided at each meeting. Anyhow, so today's interview was in part an exit interview to get an idea how she enjoyed the summer project group, and, in part, an interview to see if partners feel that she is good enough to be offered a full-time internship next summer. Of course since I worked for D&T for two years, I still have plenty of connections within the firm. So this morning, T called to let me know that she would be showing my sister around the office and to also let me know who my sister would be seeing. T is a very good friend of mine... I was her intern buddy when she interned at D&T and I knew her at UCLA. As a matter of fact, her best friend (aside from her fiancee) is one of my good friends from UCLA. So, T also had the fabulous idea of getting my sister, her, and S, her roomate and fellow D&T colleague, and I together for coffee right after my sister's interview finished at 10. So I agreed...sounded pretty good to me. Right after I got off the line with T, M (a buddy of mine from D&T) called me up to chat and discuss things in his life and new developments at the firm. Apparently, they just received their raises and apparently, there is still a lack of parity in compensation. Anyways, that will never get resolved fully and i don't really want to talk about that. But more importantly, he told me that A left the firm. A is a Japanese woman who was in the same D&T class (meaning we're at the same level) who got into a very serious car accident while traveling in Japan. She was apparently immobile for quite awhile and when she returned to the states, she quit D&T. M told me when he talked to her, she told him that while sitting at home struggling to reach her TV remote control, she came to realize that there are more important things in life and since she hated her job, she decided to quit. Anyways, so my friend M is also considering leaving the firm and we talked about it at length. As I hung up the phone with M, two more former colleagues of mine from D&T, K and TJ, stopped by my cube as they are here at PG&E to audit the benefit plan. We chatted a little bit as TJ just had a baby and K is a newlywed. Afterwords, I went out to get coffee with T, S, and my little sister Phoebe. That was most fun since T has that really outgoing personality. In about 20 minutes, I'm going to lunch with one of my former bosses at D&T, MF, at Fuzio's. I'm going to ask him for a letter of recommendation as well as chat with him about the goings on at D&T and elsewhere. So yeah, a day filled with D&T people.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

This past weekend. Friday night, dinner with family and studying (I study on most Fridays...) and I also set up my wireless network with the help of my sister (need to get a firewall up though)... Saturday, Men's Ministry which was great, lots of guys showed up and we discussed devotions and prayed...also got to play some football and basketball with some of the guys from the morning and lots of other bros who showed up at Lowell. I think it was a good amount of exercise as a number of guys complained of soreness at the Sunday evening late late service. I myself am pretty sore...hamstrings. My hamstrings always get sore/tight after football. Why is that? Saturday night, I went out with my friend A who was also at Lowell playing tennis that day by chance. She spotted my car and found me playing basketball with Lumps bros. So we went to dinner and checked out a movie, "Possession", which she wanted to see since she likes period pieces and she thinks Jeremy Northam is cute. I generally like period pieces also so I was ok with the selection of the movie (one of my favorite books is Pride and Prejudice and yes, I've seen the PBS mini-series, I very much identify with the character of Darcy in the book but anyhow, I digress). The movie wasn't bad but I found it kind of sad... I usually like more light-hearted romances... on Sunday, late late service. My sister and I bought some CDR's and also I bought a new video card for my computer which I installed. Did some studying as well. Monday, I studied mostly.