Friday, May 02, 2003

Yay, it turns out that I'm too invaluable here in San Francisco so I don't have to go to Maryland...yippee. I'm really glad for this because if I had gone to Maryland, I would have to work both Saturday and Sunday on top of the normal workweek. That would really suck.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Just got notified that I might be flying out to Bethesday, Maryland tomorrow to work this weekend and next week. Anyone else gonna be in Maryland next week?
Here's a great case of one way to use a law degree...

How to gain from telemarketers

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

In the tradition of the Jedimaster, here's a 20% in-store coupon to Macy's....
Well, I have to admit that Minnesota is pulling out all the stops to get me to go to their law school. A law professor there just left me a voicemail to see if he can be of any assistance in my law school decision making process. Cool huh? I like the personal attention but man, Minnesota's too cold...
A friend of mine called me last night to talk to me about a business proposal. She wanted to get together a pair of business partners (me being one and a Columbia Law grad being the other) to buy a rental property home in Irvine CA. The plan is for each of us to put up 35K up front with monthly payments around $800 to buy a 500K home. To be honest, I was incredulous that a home in Irvine would cost $500K. I mean, this isn't the Bay Area. When I was in college, I looked into buying a 2 bedroom condo in Irvine and I found out it would cost about $175K... and a house would go for about 240K but apparently, the housing prices in Irvine have gone up significantly as dot-comers who were up in the Bay Area have moved down to Irvine. Yikes.