Monday, August 08, 2005

Going Home

I have been here in Washington D.C. for the last two months but this week will be my last here at the Capitol. Washington D.C. is a nice place to visit for maybe a week but I think living here is not that much fun. Too many people here are caught up in the politics and while politics can be engaging; it's not so much so when it's the topic of conversation every day.

On a side note, I went to service at McLean Bible Church yesterday. McLean is the super church located in Virginia. My roommate told me they spent $94 million on their facilities, which includes stadium seating (the sanctuary I estimate seats 5,000-10,000 easily), a full fledged parking garage - the size of which rivals any Ikea parking garage I've ever been to, a full gymnasium, a fully stocked cafe where you can get your coffee before service, and convention hall area that reminds me of an airport - complete with airport style counters where you can learn about the various ministries McLean is involved in. My only complaint is that they didn't have cupholders in the armrests. Just kidding of course. But seriously, yesterday's message at Frontline (that's their Late Late Service/Young Adult ministry) was "off the hook". You can download it here. The title is "In Jesus Name" which was delivered by Todd Philips on August 7th. Check it out. (Note: The replay is not likely to be as good as seeing the messae live as for some of it, you kinda had to have been there).


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